B2B Debt Collection Process


There are several aspects that influence your business operation, but the debts can put the success of your organisation in jeopardy. After all, running a business is all about providing products or services in exchange for revenue collected from the clients. The clients can either be consumers or businesses that your company deals with.

Business-to-business contracts and collections are more tedious than business-to-consumer contracts and collections. The unpaid B2B invoice can affect a business’s cash flow than an unpaid B2C invoice. In order to help the business creditors, JMA Credit Control offers debt collection services to organisations across Australia.

Our B2B debt collection process:

There are several steps involved in B2B debt recovery process and it often requires legal action against the debtor. Here is how our collection process works:

Demand Letter for Payment:

Our B2B debt collections in Melbourne begin with sending a demand letter to the commercial debtor. You might have asked for payment from the debtor several times and ended up with no positive results. However, if the debtor receives a demand letter from a collection agency, he/she might take it seriously and realise the consequences if they continue to delay payments. Our demand collection letter reveals the debtor that a risk of litigation exists against him.

Communication Via Telephone & E-Mail:

If the business debtor refuses to respond to the demand letter, communications may be attempted through email or telephone call to inform him of our collection attempt. Our debt collection agency in Sydney will also give them an opportunity to argue about alternative solutions to pay off the debt. If this fails to work out, we will begin the investigation to locate the debtors and find ways to collect the payment.


If our attempts to collect the business debts continue to fail, we recommend the business creditors to file a lawsuit against the debtor. In order to facilitate the creditors, our debt collectors in Brisbane file a legal claim on your behalf and refer your case to one of the leading attorneys. Of course, you need to present evidence to the court to validate your debt claim. If you have successfully proved the non-payment of the debt, you are more likely to obtain a judgment against the debtor.

If you are a business dealing with outstanding commercial payments, it is important to begin the collection process as soon as possible. To collect delay payments and ensure proper cash flow, join your hands with JMA Credit Control and let us collect your business’s unpaid debts today.

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