JMA Credit Control (JMA) will provide debt collection services to the customer strictly subject to and upon the terms and conditions set out below:

  1. From the time the account is referred to JMA, commission is payable on all payments made to JMA and all payments that have been advised by the customer as being paid direct to the customer. Commission is also payable on the full amount of the debt value, if the customer fails to inform JMA of any payments that are paid direct to the customer. The customer will also be liable to pay commission to JMA if the account is withdrawn, or no instructions are given to JMA within 60 days from the date of lodgement, goods are returned, or a credit is provided by the customer.
  2. No action, legal or otherwise, will be taken by JMA unless and until it is instructed by the creditor to do so.
  3. If JMA is instructed to commence legal proceeding, no arrangements or negotiations should be made with the debtor without JMA first being notified. If any payments are received from the debtor, JMA is to be notified immediately.
  4. JMA Credit Control is authorised to deposit payments received from your debtors’ into a trust account in the name of Glan Avon Investments Pty Ltd – trust account.
  5. Disbursements and legal costs will be charged as per current scale but refunded if and when recovered from the debtor.
  6. The Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that to secure payment of any and all amounts outstanding to JMA from time to time, JMA has a lien over all papers, files, documents and deeds that belong to the Customer and received by JMA while providing the Services, including any money that JMA is holding on behalf of the Customer and files and documents relating to other matters which have been completed and paid for by the Customer.
  7. For trust balances exceeding $2,000.00, JMA will remit fortnightly the balance of trust monies after deducting all charges for commission and incidental expenses. Balances under $2,000.00 will be remitted on a monthly basis. Any debit invoice rendered is payable STRICTLY 30 DAYS.
  8. JMA reserves the right to review and amend commission rates from time to time at our discretion.
  9. Annual Subscription commission rates are locked in for the 12 month subsequent period from the invoice date of Annual Subscription.
  10. JMA may close a file or withdraw our involvement in the situation we request client instructions and no response is received within 14 days of the request.
  11. The customer herby agrees to relinquish all communication with the debtor for the duration that the file will be managed by JMA and that all debtor communication will be directed to JMA, unless otherwise directed by JMA.