An affordable solution for small and medium size businesses. Prevention of debts and risk management is equally as important in your business as collection – this is why JMA Credit Control has established an alliance with Equifax Pty Ltd to provide you with credit information on Companies and Businesses in order to make informed decisions on extending credit to customers. Our information can assist you when making important decisions regarding new accounts and existing accounts.

You will have access to default information throughout Australia including:

  • ASIC current extract
  • Fresh ASIC/Business Name Search
  • Adverse information on all of the Partners/Directors
  • Default information on all of the Partners/Directors
  • Past Credit Enquiries on all Partners/Directors
  • Summary of Partners/Directors of business relationships
  • Insolvency
  • Bankruptcy

Benefits of doing credit checks on your new customers.

  • Reduce your application processing costs
  • Establish the correct legal identity of your Customer
  • Source basic credit information quickly and cost effectively
  • Reduce bad debts and collection costs

You are welcome to download these sample reports

Company Enquiry Report

Company Trading History

Company Trading History Report