Prevention is better than cure.

By introducing Terms and Conditions you will be able to recover your collection costs from the debtor and therefore make your debt collection “Commission Free”.

Terms and Conditions of trade are vital for any business that provides credit or enters into a business transaction.

They clearly set out the basis of your contract with your customers and enable you to defeat spurious claims by a reluctant debtor. By having proper terms and conditions in place you will reduce the cost of monitoring payments, resolving disputes and most importantly reduce the number of overdue accounts and bad debts.

In order to rely on your Terms and Conditions you must give notice of those Terms and Conditions to your customers prior to them placing an order for goods or services. In this regard the Courts have religiously held that unless the Trader clearly makes its terms and conditions known to the customer before accepting the order and thereby creating a contract, the trader is not entitled to rely on such terms and conditions in any litigation subsequently taken against the customer.

We can provide you with Credit documents designed and personalised to suit your business.

We will ensure that your Terms and Conditions will protect you and cover you in relation to the following:

  • Fair Trading Acts
  • Commonwealth Trade Practices Act
  • Privacy Act 1988
  • Retention of title
  • Warranty
  • Returns and defects
  • Cancellation
  • Recovery of Collection costs, and interest