Leanne O’Brien

Senior Account Manager

Has been employed with JMA since November 2002 and is experienced in all facets of debt collection, including litigation. Leanne’s dedicated and committed attitude means that our clients receive an exceptional level of service and a high rate of success thanks to Leanne’s commercial approach to debt recovery and credit management.

Mark White

Senior Account Manager

Was recruited by JMA in August 2007 and has nearly 30 years experience in debt recovery. Mark’s background in the interpretation of contracts and agreements, coupled with his impressive longevity and vast knowledge of the legal industry mean that JMA clients are not only given effective and reliable advice, but also given solutions.

Trudy Watson

Account Manager/Finance

Began with JMA in January 2006. Trudy’s consistent approach and financial background ensure that JMA clients are given the dedication and transparency required from a reliable debt recovery professional. Trudy is also responsible for the day to day finances of the business and is always on hand to support the team as required.

Cindy Williams

Administration Manager

Joined the JMA team May 2007. Cindy is a central part of the team and is responsible for the first point of contact and the day to day administration of JMA. Cindy’s friendly and warm nature, along with her exceptional professional assistance, ensure that all JMA clients are valued and the JMA Credit Control office runs as smoothly as possible.

Michelle Grant

Senior Account Manager

Michelle has been with JMA for over 5 years. Michelle has over 12 years debt recovery experience specialising in the building and construction industry, as she also spent 15 years in Credit management and accounts receivable in the building industry.

Michelle is experienced in understanding contracts and agreements as well as litigation in all Australian states. Michelle’s wealth of experience creates a strong foundation to provide sound advise to her clients.

Laura Rowland

Senior Account Manager

Laura has become a valued member of the JMA team since joining in September 2018. Laura brings over 20 years legal services experience to JMA, her background as a Paralegal, specialising in the preparation of Court Complaints for VCAT along with Legal and Financial Administration provide a unique ability to advise her clients with commercial recommendations to enhance their chances of successful recovery. Laura values building strong rapport with her clients to achieve great results.

Scott James

Managing Director

Scott is the Managing Director of JMA Credit Control, he brings a service based and can do philosophy to the business, along with his 10 plus years of managing SME’s.

Scott is hands on in the business providing support to both the JMA team and our clients with a solution focused approach.

Scott’s values are for JMA Credit Control to represent a Client solution focused, collaborative, professional, integrity driven and consistent environment at JMA Credit Control.

Rina Larobina

Compliance and Business Development Manager

Rina joined the JMA team in 2020 brining over 30 years knowledge in debt recovery. Rina is experienced in International, local government and banking, with a sound knowledge of the Insurance Contract Act and ACCC Guidelines.

Rina is invested in the ongoing development of the firms policies and procedures and to maintain a culture of excellence in client service and ongoing process improvement with the firm.

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