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We’re one of Melbourne’s oldest debt collection agency offering an experienced range of debt collection and credit management services. With a rock-solid track record and 50+ years experience we recover outstanding debt fast. We can assist you with:

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We can offer you a customized solution of professional business debt recovery tools. Our specialist debt collection service offers you peace of mind in an otherwise tricky situation.

If you want personalised service, attention to detail and to resolve outstanding debtor accounts, without damaging important business relationships, and wasting money, time and resources, then you should call us now for an obligation-free consultation.

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The services we offer

Debt Collection

When you approach us to help you collect outstanding accounts, we use a systemised debt collection process to collect the majority of your accounts quickly and cost effectively on your behalf.

During the collection process we combine letters of demand, solicitors’ letters, SMS messages and telephone demands to get your accounts paid, without unnecessary delays. Most debtors pay the full amount or arrange to pay their debts by installments once we work with them to find a workable solution.

Credit Reporting

Our Credit Reporting service is perfect for you if you want to prevent debts and manage risk. We have an alliance with Veda Advantage Ltd (Premier Australian supplier of business & company credit references, credit reports and Australian company reports), to provide you with up-to-date credit information on companies and businesses you’re about to contract.

Knowledge is power. And by knowing if a new business contact has a good credit report you can make informed decisions to protect your livelihood.

Terms Of Trade

Prevention is better than cure. When you introduce Terms and Conditions you can legally recover your collection costs from the debtor and make your debt collection “Commission Free”.

Terms and Conditions of trade are vital if a business owner like you provides credit or enters into a business transaction.

Credit Consultancy

The easiest way to prevent bad debts is to implement solutions that help you manage your current credit management practices and systems with ease.

Let us come to you and make suitable recommendations to improve your current systems. As a result you’ll be able to reduce overdue accounts and prevent bad debts.

Debt Collection Letter

If you want to collect an outstanding debt by yourself, discover our debt collection letter writing tips here.