Everything to Know About Debt Collection!


Unpaid debt collection is an inconvenient state that nobody wants to be in. If your business provides goods or services on credit, you are going to face several customers who may delay payments.

In such situations, you can hire our debt collection services in Sydney or Melbourne for help. Before you pass on the case to us, by keeping a few of these points in mind, you may be able to collect the debt without seeking legal remedy.

1. Professionalism – You don’t want the situation to devolve into a conflict between yourself and the customer. Keep it professional and send them a reminder about the payment they need to make. Most reminders take the form of a letter, informing the customer of their outstanding debt and period with which to repay the amount. The letter must maintain a level of dignity for both parties, acting as a gentle reminder of sorts. However, sometimes customers don’t pay attention to this form of communication, often leading to further action.

2. Systematic – You must rely on a systematic method of communicating with the customer about the money they owe your company. We suggest following each notice period with a basic letter or email, as constant communication gives the customer reminders about the impending situation. Finishing with a final letter of demand is critical before filing a claim with the courts. Since it can be quite stressful to handle debt collection, you can trust us to assist in any way necessary. Our team of professionals are capable of recovering your money.

3. Keep Records – Always maintain any records of purchase, email chains and conversations with each customer that may be trying to avoid paying their debt. By doing this, you will strengthen your argument against the individual, and if legal problems arise, you will have the best possible chance of success.

Why choose us for debt collection?

JMA Credit Control has been helping companies of various sizes recover their owed debts for decades. We start with the same steps outlined above, maintaining professionalism with regular communication using letters and email. If this doesn’t work, we move forwards with telephone calls, discussing the situation with the customer in a more direct manner. We follow best practice standards, and maintain legality throughout the entire process, treating each individual with respect and understanding.

With over 50 years’ experience, we have had many successful cases and have several big companies that trust us with their debt collection. We have a quick legal procedure we follow and provide you with documentation in under 48 hours. You can even track the progress of the accounts with our live online client portal!

If you have been having troubles with your clients delaying payments or avoiding contact with you, and find yourself unable to recover their debt in time, you can rely on our professional and efficient support.

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