Three Debt Recovery Strategies That Are Proven To Be Effective

Three Debt Recovery Strategies That Are Proven To Be Effective

If you are a business that struggles to collect unpaid invoices from clients, you have most likely been in touch with a reputable debt collection agency to help sort this out. Debt recovery is never easy and can sometimes take more time than it really should.

Many of these agencies have their own internal processes and strategies that make debt collection uncomplicated and over and done with. Here are three tried-and-tested approaches that have been guaranteed to be the best at getting the results you need.


One of the most overlooked traits in a person is their ability to not only understand your situation but to also relate to whatever it is you’re going through. This is called empathy and it goes way beyond understanding what a person is feeling; you share their emotions, regardless of whether these are negative or positive.

Listening with empathy is an effective strategy that debt collectors use to be able to gain the trust of your client. Not only do they try to connect with them on a more personal level, but when the client feels comfortable enough to share details of their current situation, this will give the debt collector valuable insight and will enable them to come up with plausible solutions.



It may take more than one phone call to make your client divulge such information to a stranger, but with patience and empathy, anything can happen.

Help Each Other: Offer Solutions

One way or another we’ve experienced debt on some level. We know how it feels when we’re suddenly bombarded with demands and threats (which is illegal by the way).

An effective debt collector should be able to help think of solutions that will benefit not only you, but also that of the debtor. Remember, accumulated debts don’t really sit well with most people and as much as they would want to get rid of all of it and live debt-free, most of the time they’ve already painted themselves into a corner.

By offering helpful solutions, a debt collector can give a sense of hope that will allow your client to be more open to finally paying up their debts.

Be Flexible

Let’s say that a debt collector and a debtor have both come to an agreement and found a solution.

For a more effective debt recovery process, a debt collector should be able to stress that these are flexible payment terms — meaning, if your client suddenly finds himself deep in a rut down the road and can’t pay as originally agreed, there shouldn’t be a problem at all. All they need to do is communicate such issues with the debt collector so they can come up with another solution.



Effective debt collectors like to remind debtors that their lines are open and are free to discuss any changes within the agreed payment terms, so long as it is still fair and legal.

Get Results You and Your Business Need

To learn more about effective collection methods, contact JMA Credit Control. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry of debt collection, JMA Credit Control ensures a hassle-free, no-frills approach to debt recovery. Our team of professionals believe in an ethical yet firm approach. Contact us now and see how we can be of great assistance to you and your business.

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